Town house no. 6

Czech name Měšťanský dům čp. 6
Address Náměstí J.M.Marků 6
GPS 49°54'46"N 16°36'43"E (xx km)
377 m above sea level

The present appearance of the building, which newly rebuilt most likely in the first quarter of the 19th century on the site of an older building is given by the reconstruction work carried out at the end of the 19th century, when the vaulted arcade was also eliminated. The ground floor is partly constructed with barrel vaults and the first floor has a flat ceiling. The side facade facing Školní Street bears a preserved Classical, lavishly ornate portal dated 1844. At the top it has an elaborate decorative medallion with the figure of a lion holding a shield with initials and the background is created by the outline of a tree. From 1913, Lanškroun chemist Krätschmer, had a prospering shop on the ground floor, which was not common at the time.

Category mansion / villa / palace