Former Lichtenstein brewery

Czech name Bývalý Lichtenštejnský pivovar
Address Pivovarské náměstí
GPS 49°54'46"N 16°36'34"E (xx km)
370 m above sea level
Tourist site (mansion / villa / palace) source: Information centre of Lanškroun

Lanškroun burghers began brewing beer shortly after the town was established in the middle of the 13th century. In 1700, Prince Jan Adam Ondřej of Lichtenstein commissioned the construction of a royal brewery in Lanškroun. The other towns and villages of the estate were obliged to consume beer from the brewery. The royal brewery was supposedly designed by Domenico Martinelli, who drew up the plans for the New Chateau in Lanškroun for Lichtenstein at the time. The brewery produced beer under various names until 1999, when it was shut down.

Category mansion / villa / palace