St. Wenceslas Church

Czech name Kostel sv. Václava
GPS 49°54'49"N 16°36'48"E (xx km)
382 m above sea level

The first reference to the church dates back to 1350. In 1377 the church was entrusted to the Augustinians, who due to floods and dampness in the church moved a monastery, which used to stand behind the walls on the site of the former Church of St. Mary Magdalene, in 1393. In 1645 the church burnt down. In 1768, father A. Felzmann commissioned the construction of a new tower on the west side of the church. There is a mid-18th century Rococo organ in the choir loft. In the 1880s extensive reconstruction was conducted of the interior in neo-Gothic style. The main pseudo-Gothic altar is the work of Jan Kastner.

Category church
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