Lanškroun Grammar School

Czech name Gymnázium Lanškroun
Address nám. J. M. Marků 113
GPS 49°54'45"N 16°36'38"E (xx km)
371 m above sea level

The grammar school was built on the site of five wooden houses in 1872-1874 in Neo-Renaissance style by Lanškroun builder Andreas Seifert according to the design of Ing. E. Jantsche of Vienna. It was the first secondary school in the Lanškroun district. In 1894, at the time of military manoeuvres, Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph I was accommodated here. The building underwent the most significant reconstruction in 1988-93. There is a monument installed in front of the entrance, dedicated to the significant Lanškroun native J. M. Marků (great Czech poly-historian of the post White Mountain era, doctor, physician, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher), whose family house once stood in the near vicinity of the present day grammar school building.

Category mansion / villa / palace
Date of construction 1874