Column with a group of statues of the Holy Trinity

Czech name Sloup se sousoším Nejsvětější Trojice
Address Dobrovského
GPS 49°54'48"N 16°36'54"E (xx km)
383 m above sea level

Matěj Chmel - burgher, chief magistrate and also the imperial collector of border customs duties in Lanškroun - commissioned the creation of the stone sculpture. The Holy Father holding the Crucified, with doves below him on clouds with angels' heads, set on a column with a composite capital and abutment. Flat reliefs on the front and sides of the stylobate. The front bears the Virgin Mary with stars in the sky, and St. Florian and St. John of Nepomuk are depicted on the sides.

Category crucifix/small sacred building
Date of construction 1720