Fountain with dolphins

Czech name Pomník na Prusko-rakouskou válku
Address 5. května
GPS 49°54'38"N 16°36'33"E (xx km)
368 m above sea level

On the elevated, two-level based there is a three-part prismatic pedestal - a low two-level plinth, a conical shaft with the following inscription on its front side: "BEM / ANDENKEN DER IM JAHRE 1866 / FÜR EHRE UND VATERLAND / GEFALLEN UND HIER / BESATTETEN KRIEGER." Podtím další nápis: "VON DEN BURGERN LANDSKRONS 19-94". There is another inscription under that: "VON DEN BURGERN LANDSKRONS 19-94". The pedestal is finished with a profiled cornice, ended with a hint of tympanum on each side of the pedestal. There is a tall conical four-sided pillar on the cornice, topped with a spire and an eagle sitting on a sphere.

Category sculpture / burial site