God's torment - the gallows

Czech name Boží muka - popraviště
Address Dvořákova
GPS 49°54'50"N 16°35'10"E (xx km)
395 m above sea level

Tall conical, four-sided brick column, divided along its length into three parts by small cornices. The upper part has niches on three sides. The column is finished with a sandstone pyrimidal roof with an overhanging cornice, on top of which stands a clover cross with the body of Jesus Christ.

The only documented executino in the history of Lanškroun's gallows took place on 4.1.1684. Dorota Pekařová of Česká Třebová was beheaded here by a sword. Martin Mucha was supposed to be executed in 1696 but due to the desolate conditions of the gallows the execution was put off.

Category crucifix/small sacred building