Lanškroun Ponds


The recreational area and nature park with a nature trail.

Lanškroun Ponds Nature Park

The park was established in 1990 as a place of tranquillity. The area of 233 ha includes a pond system on Ostrovský Stream: (Krátký), Dlouhý, Olšový, Pšeničkův, Sluneční and two Ostrovský ponds (the larger is called Plockův) and surrounding forests. It directly links to the suburban recreational area west of the city by the pond Dlouhý. A large part of the Nature Park was placed under the protection of significant European Natura 2000 sites.

Lanškroun Ponds Nature Trail.

Tereziin’s Spa

In 1911, miller Jan Müller built a new swimming facility by dam at the Dlouhé Pond with wooden changing rooms, lounge chairs and boat rental. The swimming facilities prospered and thus it was modernized in 1927. A one-storey brick restaurant was built with wooden changing rooms along the sides, a relaxation pavilion stood in the middle of the pond, a pier led to the water etc. The enter grounds were named in honour of Müller’s wife – Tereziin’s Spa. An active social life developed here and was maintained even through the war. However, no other plans were ever realized. Now the plans are coming back to life.

Boats and swimming facilities.

Fishing Permit

For the Lanškroun Pond area you can purchase a permit upon presenting valid fishing documents at:

  • Husqvarna store – Polák, T.G.M. 161, 724 032 094
  • Rybářských potřeb store, Lidická 888, 607 146 442
  • Starý mlýn Hotel, Dlouhé Pond dam,  734 657 060

Photographs of TIC Lanškroun.